About Prospect ALAE branch


The Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers was founded in 1970. We are a direct result of pressure being applied to scrap the Aircraft Engineer's Licence. The ALAE is non-political and non-partisan; our ambitions are to raise the status and dignity of our profession. We are an occupational branch of Prospect trade union. Policy is determined in consultation with our members through a branch committee structure.

The objectives of the Association are to:

  • maintain and enhance the professional status of Licensed Aircraft Engineers.
  • gain for the Licensed Aircraft Engineer recognition within the British aviation industry.
  • represent Licensed Aircraft Engineers within the British aviation industry.
  • promote the advancement of the technical knowledge and skills of those engaged in the production, maintenance and operation of aircraft.
  • strive at all times to improve safety standards in all aspects of aircraft maintenance and operation.
  • regulate the relations between members of the Association and their employers.

We're unique in the way we represent Licensed Aircraft Engineers and other certifying staff within the aviation industry. In recent times our primary role has been to work in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to formulate legislation covering aircraft maintenance engineering within Europe. In this respect we have gained considerable influence with the CAA and also with the European body, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Because of our association with these authorities, we are particularly well informed regarding future legislation likely to affect Licensed Aircraft Engineers.

We can advise those seeking a career in the aircraft maintenance industry on the possibilities that it offers. In addition to our website we publish a quarterly magazine, TechLog.



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